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Corporate Strategy
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Corporate Strategy

Company vision:
To be a leader as a solution provider for tooling both in auto parts and cosmetic packaging products.
To build SAPAC as a brand-famous company in tooling and auto components industry.

Company mission:
To provide with innovative and sustainable developing solution for tooling in high precision auto components and cosmetics.
To provide customers with all-sided and vaule-added serive.
            To creat free space for employee further devopment and provide a comfortable life and working environment
To take social responsibilities,and promote   the industries upgrade and progress

 We are growing up:
       From Feb 2012, SAPAC expands the workshop from original 10000 square meters to 25000 square meters to meet the fast increase demands of market.  
       In the past years, SAPAC is experienced in supplying variety of automotive and cosmetic molds and parts with top quality. Due to the new challenges and the needs of customers, SAPAC is developing high-precision vacuum pump mold.
      SAPAC is also focused on the cost control. With the support from 863 research Institute under beauty star group, SAPAC will involve in the manufacture of Hot Runner System for multi-cavity mold and  the application of the surface treatment technology of mold steel. 

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