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SAPAC have more than 50 set injection machines, including 11 set double injection machines. Robot machines improve degree of automation and product quality’s stable. SAPAC provide customers with high quality product and integrate service(Gas-assisted injection, Thin-wall injection and dust-free injection clean room etc.) The control procedure of strict quality guarantee to satisfy the demand of customers.

SAPAC have equipped with dust-free injection clean room, used for medical products, transparent products and lens products, and equipped with high-speed injection molding machines and automatic robots..      Quality is the first vitality, SAPAC was qualified under ISO9000 and TS16949 quality management systems, use quality document system to control every process of design, production and inspection.Rely on scientific management and advanced technology, and strive to achieve our concept of "customer foremost, quality first, innovation, excellence’

The injection workshop of Wujiang factory,there are about 20 machines from 50T---500T which including 4-5 double injection machines。The injection workshop of Wujiang factory is air-condition controlled dust-free plant, each injection machine has its own dust exhausting system.

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